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Sonoma County Resident~Web/Graphic Designer~Live Stream Broadcaster

Versatile Expertise and Creative Solutions: Elevate Your Projects

Let me introduce you to CJ, the bee’s knees solution for all your web and graphic design needs! Every project blossoms into sweet fruit thanks to CJ’s inventiveness and thorough attention to detail. CJ is the busy bee that produces tasty results, from web designs that drip with user-friendly interfaces to graphic design that nectarizes your brand.  Choose CJ and experience the sweetness of design excellence that will make your online presence buzz with success.

Check out CJ’s hive of other projects, including The Bling Sisters LIVE Inc., a riveting Live Stream Show that will have you buzzing with excitement, and Northern California Camping, a busy Facebook Group with over 166K members.

Additional Projects

Northern California Camping: A Facebook Group of 166K

The Bling Sisters LIVE! Inc.: A Livestream Show/Pop-up Jewelry Store

Live Stream

In addition to her design work, CJ founded The Bling Sisters Live! Inc., an interactive live stream program sponsored by her jewelry business of the same name.

Step into the exciting world of “The Bling Sisters LIVE! Inc.”, a dynamic Facebook livestream show created and produced by Cindy Jenkins of CJenkins Web Design. Join us on an exciting adventure through the realms of entertainment and jewelry. This one-of-a-kind program, hosted by CJ and her partner Silver Shells, known as The Bling Sisters, brings together prominent figures from the world of entertainment for lively discussions, unique insights, and a celebration of all things dazzling. “The Bling Sisters LIVE! Inc.” has enthralled audiences with 123 shows over two years with guests like, Elvin Bishop, Walter Trout, John Lee Hooker Jr., Sally Kirkland, Jay David, Billy Sheehan, John Ozuna, Barry Melton, and too many more to mention here! “The Bling Sisters LIVE! Inc.” weaves together the worlds of entertainment and fashion, leaving audiences spellbound in its radiant charm and irresistible sparkle. Get ready to buzz with excitement for the un-BEE-lievable “The Bling Sisters LIVE! Inc.”! Bzzz-mazing!

Live Stream

Go to our Youtube channel to see all the videos.

JMB Graphic Apparel

Bee Unique: Choose from our Collection or Buzz CJ up for Your Own Design!

Flitting with creative prowess, CJ is the proud owner of JMB Graphic Apparel, a delightful Etsy shop where her artistic flair takes flight. CJ creates unusual and intriguing works that truly stand out, specializing in sublimated graphics on a variety of garments and products. Every concept comes to life in a colorful and striking way thanks to her creativity and attention to detail. Discover JMB Graphic Apparel’s appeal and adorn yourself with wearable works of art expressing a unique sense of style.

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Home Life

Marin, Sonoma, and Lake Counties

Bzzz! CJ, an intrepid bee, enjoys buzzing around and exploring the bee-utiful realms of Marin, Sonoma, and Lake Counties. When she’s not working on her creative projects, CJ loves making memories and drawing inspiration from her idyllic surroundings. Whether she’s fluttering with her children, grandchildren, life partner, buzzing friends, or dogs, CJ finds boundless joy in the sweetness of her idyllic surroundings. Bzzz-O-Rama!

In Conclusion…

An Ideal Partner

Fluttering with creativity and a wealth of experience, CJ is the buzzing bee you need for your web and graphic design needs. With a passion that hums through every project, CJ brings your concepts to life, crafting outstanding outcomes with meticulous attention to detail. From the smallest pixel to the grandest design, CJ’s expertise delivers honey-sweet results that leave a lasting impression. Trust in the buzzing brilliance of CJ to create designs that make your brand soar with bee-autiful success.

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